Vad gör DU 14e Mars?

men are simple creatures. we are not emotionally complex beings like females. once a year when the social pressures of Valentine’s Day are upon us, we politely succumb and shower our mate with flowers and gifts — not because we are expected to do so, but because we care. and sadly, men willingly participate while feeling left out of all the attention. so how can a woman show her appreciation for such kindness?

the answer … STEAK & BLOWJOB DAY!



3 kommentarer på “Vad gör DU 14e Mars?”

  1. Miss Lyckad skrev:

    Wooooooooonderfullll!Jag ska skjuta en ko idag!

    The rest is up to you!

    /Miss Lyckad-På Jakt-

  2. Lilla My skrev:

    Gör du mig glad igen!

  3. Lilla My skrev:

    Konstig blogg…

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